White balance

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First of all, in the options you can change the automatically set white balance and also the brightness of a project manually. The purpose of the white balance is to adapt the monitor display to the colour temperature of the light in the visualisation.

The digital documentation of images (photos and films) and video technology - and also analogue technology - enables a colour temperature which is adjusted to the lighting conditions.

The human eye also has the capacity for chromatic adaptation.

The same image four times but with different varying white balance (Source: Wikipedia, Foto: Thomas Steiner)

Please note that your monitor also has a white balance so you have to bear in mind that these settings may contradict each other.

We recommend using the standard white balance. If you need any correction for your project, switch the automatic adjustment off and set the approximate colour temperature of the light in your project by using the slide control.

'Brightness' enables the setting of the brightness distribution in a room.